NW Harvest , Hunger Stops Here Challenge

Every year at this time food banks start gearing up for the winter and increased need.  Northwest Harvest collects and provides food and other necessities to food banks all across Washington State, but only with help from the community.  With manysocial programs being cut back or eliminated all together it is critical for us to come forward and help.  No one should go hungry , especially a child, and statistically 1 in 5 children experiences food insecurity in our state.  

Turn Key Auto Service’s staff is committed to our community.  This month NW Harvest is running the Hunger Stops Here Challenge.  Donations through the month of October are being matched by larger donors.  This means every dollar donated will be doubled.  We are doing the same thing for our customers, have any service preformed at Turn Key Auto Service during the month of October, make a donation to NW Harvest, either when you pay your bill or on-line later and we will match it up to $100.00 per customer.   If you make the donation online at ,www.northwestharvest.org, then simply forward a copy of your receipt and we will match it. 

 Let’s work together for the common good!

$3000.00 max donation by Turn Key Auto Service.