Green Automotive Service

Let’s face it, automotive service is not exactly a low impact business. Nor does the auto service industry have a stellar history of being friendly to the environment. Unfortunately, the automotive business in general has a rather poor track record for environmental stewardship.

At Turn Key Auto Service, we’re different, we think about what we do, and more importantly, we dispose of or recycle our waste stream responsibly

Turn Key Auto Service does what it can to protect and preserve our environment by properly disposing of used oil and chemical products, recycling batteries and oil properly and appropriately maintaining older cars. You can also protect the environment by making sure that your car does not have leaks that drain into the street and into streams, rivers, bays, lakes and the ocean. Leaks can come from a variety of sources in your vehicle.

If you detect a leak, call us immediately. You will not only be ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your car, you'll be protecting our fragile environment as well. Americans spill 180 million gallons of used oil into our waterways each year. That's 16 times the amount of oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez in Alaska!

Household battery disposal – Tiny but Toxic

When bringing in your vehicle for service, grab your bag of dead batteries to bring Turn Key Auto Service to be recycled properly.

Green Initiatives

Every year we set out to do 2 or 3 distinct things that will make the business and grounds better for our staff, our community and our environment. After all, we live here too. It starts with the little things, and little things add up quickly.

How We Handle Automotive Service Waste Products

  • A/C Refrigerant (R134) – Captured and Recycled.
  • Antifreeze – Recycled.
  • Batteries – Recycled and exchanged
  • Brake Fluid – Recycled with waste oil. (For reasons of safety, we use only new brake fluid for service.)
  • Engine Oil – Recycled into heating oil and other oil products. (But we don’t use recycled oil in our customer cars, nor do we recommend you use it, instead we only use new factory approved Castrol or Mobil products.)
  • Part Cleaning Solvent – We contract with Chevron to properly recycle this fluid.
  • Tires – Recycled into other rubber products, even road bedding!
  • Transmission Fluid – Recycled into heating oil and other oil products.
  • Waste Water – Oil/water separator catches any waste products before they enter the groundwater system.

Car wash coming

We would love to wash your car as part of our outstanding service but until we have put in our catch basin, we can’t. Washing your car, even with biodegradable soap has an adverse effect on the environment, run off into storm drains that lead to the Sound, is bad business for the fish and other wild life. We are working towards installing a catch basin to provide this service to you.